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Sid Wainer is a mainstay in Gourmet Food in the Northeast of the US. From NYC to Washington DC you see a SW&S truck pull up to a restaurant you know you are in good hands. So when they expanded out into the food blogging world, a clean, crisp yet editorial design was perfect for them to showcase their foodie skills to the squarespace food blogging world.


Sid in the Kitchen



WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THAT TEMPLATE?: When Sid Wainer & Son came to me for a Squarespace food blog, they wanted a pretty traditional feel with a traditional blog roll. That combined with the ability to have flexible layouts, blog sidebar and they wanted something like my own food blog at the time, lead me to Five.

WHAT WAS THE CLIENT'S OBJECTIVE?: The client's objective was to increase their public visibility, they are very well known in the world of Gourmet food from the restaurant and Chef's perspective, but they want to up their visibility by sharing their food blog.

TELL US A BIT ABOUT THE DESIGN PROCESS?: At the time we knew that we wanted to keep everything very classic, in a sophisticated but clean kitchen design kind of way. That's when I started the idea of using an actual kitchen to inspire the design. We used the idea of clean traditional cabinets, marble countertops and delicate details of matte black in their "dream kitchen" to design the concept for the blog. We combined those elements together in the same way they would be in interior design.

HOW DID YOU HELP THE CLIENT DIFFERENTIATE THEIR BUSINESS THROUGH DESIGN?: The client was able to step into the gourmet world in a completely different way. By being able to share their recipes to the public and showcasing how to use their products, they now have a voice in the local foodie region, the site of course and their amazing marketing and food teams!

IS THERE CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT? WHAT ABOUT CUSTOM ADDED CSS? CAN YOU TELL US WHY YOU DID OR DID NOT USE THESE EDITS?: A good amount of custom CSS, especially in the footer. We also did some fun things like change the HR to a dashed line, and removed a lot of the normal block padding for the whole site, since they wanted something that felt a lot more like a traditional blog, this allowed that HR line to become almost like an underline than a giant spacer, with that we could really use the dashed line like a recipe card might look.

WHAT ARE THE TOP THREE CREATIVE FEATURES YOU USED IN THE DESIGN?: The dashed line was one of my favorites, it's SO simple and yet really transforms the site. It says "recipe" without really working too hard at it. The other thing was we added a printable recipe button on the bottom of the footer. That has transformed so much since I started designing food blogs, today I use a much more custom code version of that, but it was my first foray into that print pdf code and never looked back!

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT THE SITE?: From this site, my love of designing for complicated blogs really grew, it's a puzzle. How do you do a functioning index and website plus a blog without it being overwhelming and staying true to my signature design style. I think this was the true spawn of my love of food blogs, even after years of doing it for myself THIS was the catalyst.

VENDORS USED?: All photos and content is developed by Sid Wainer & Son themselves or any attributed people they have used on their site.