Site Showcase: Strukture

You have all probably come to know Samantha from RevampAmor for her amazing eye for gorgeous graphics and amazing Squarespace skills. Seriously she's one of the best. You would think that a simple site for a beauty company could be boring, but not in Samantha's eyes. She truly is an artist not just a web designer. 

We have talked about portfolio-shops around here, but she took it to the NEXT level. A gallery-shop without the shop pages. INGENIOUS. You will need to head on over to the site and check out the before/after gallery hover status on the Gallery page. You will want to check out this one on desktop to see it in it's full glory. Gorgeous work as usual!

Squarespace Site Showcase | Strukture | Brine Template

Template Chosen: West

Why did you choose that template?: I knew I wanted to work within the Brine family for the index pages as well as the flexible header section, I also knew I'd be doing a lot of interesting layouts, so the advanced mobile controls really helps to cut down on what has to be coded in for the best mobile experience.

What was the Client's Objective?: To showcase her services as a cosmetic tattoo studio and show recent work.

Tell us a bit about the design process?: I worked with Katherine on her branding & site. So when we started the web process, I was able to immediately dig in and implement the aesthetics defined in the branding process. I knew that I wanted the site to have ample white space while still having fresh layouts and a high end feeling. We pulled these design goals through by utilizing text as a visual element. From there I worked with Katherine to find & edit images to set the right tone. The site is definitely one of my favorites thus far.

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: I wanted Strukture as a brand to feel modern and luxe. By using a restrained palette of white and ceramic greys, the brand feels fresh while delivering a cool sophistication. I was trying to veer away from the overly-feminine, overly- botanical, beauty brands while still including elements of nature. By focusing on ceramic-inspired colors and modern leafy imagery over flowers, I was able to strike a balance. 
For the Strukture site, I focused on clean lines paired with interesting layouts to deliver on the brand aesthetic.

Is there custom development? What about custom added CSS? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits?: YAS! I chose to flip text, create half borders to frame images and text & add in some custom fonts to really bring her brand to life for web. 
A few of my favorite edits are:
the services gallery on the homepage & it's organic, grid style,
the gallery of work that shows the before image when you hover over the after image,
& the custom layout of the blog page.

What are the top three creative features you used in the design?: Layering! I love to layer elements to help break away from the traditional square and grid layout. In this case, we focused on text layering.
Custom fonts & typographic layouts. I pulled in 2 custom fonts on this site that really drive the design. 
'framing' I was absolutely obsessed with these little half / third / two third borders that help to ground the overall design and create visual distinctions. I knew from day 1 that they would be the perfect 'finishing touch' to the layouts I had planned.

Vendors used?: none- just Katherine, my client, & myself

Designer: Samantha from  Revamp Amor

Client's Site : Strukture