Site Showcase: The Imperfect Boss

Color! You think it's easy to work with --> but in fact in web, if you can conquer a colorful site, make it fun AND effective then you can check off "kick-ass-designer" off your checklist. Congrats to Janessa on this amazing site!



Client Site Description:  Professional Website

Template Chosen: Pacific

Why did you choose that template?: Pacific was chosen because the client was already using this template before her brand & website redesign that we did together, and the website portion of the project had a super fast turnaround time to have it completed before it's September live campaign and online summit. By maintaining the same template, we were able to save time on some of the backend setup and integrations, while focusing instead of the site map, page layouts, and design. Pacific features index pages and content blocks on top of banners which was important to us.

What was the Client's Objective?: Ashley's objective was to use the website to drive traffic to her upcoming online summit and live social media movement campaign called The Imperfect Boss. The site was used to gather names (opt-in), host her first online summit right within Squarespace, as well as help develop her overall brand exposure and tribe.

Tell us a bit about the design process?: Ashley was such a joy to work with! She was so excited about the design process right from the beginning, and really gave me the opportunity to take the reigns and execute her vision without restraint. We started with an entire brand redesign with a type-based logo, new fonts, color palette, logo submark, and logo stamp, which can be seen throughout her website. We also utilized several illustrative elements, patterns, as well as a full custom icon set used on her website and throughout her social media promo graphics. I started her website by taking a look at her site map and started mapping out her pages within Squarespace, coming up with a complete plan of how we can host her online summit right within Squarespace. I designed her all new campaign home page, contact page, online summit sign up page where enrollees can see the summit schedule, see summit speakers and topics, as well as purchase their summit ticket. I then designed the online summit LIVE access page where enrollees log into a password-protected page that features an hourly topic video (swapped out every hour according to the summit schedule), resource and workbook downloads, Facebook and Disqus live chats, the summit schedule, and a link to the campaign hashtag on Instagram. There were also smaller non-linked pages for Influencers, Encouragers, and Participants of the movement. The timeline for this project was 6 weeks total from start to finish (branding + website + promo materials) so we worked swiftly and had a very close working relationship throughout! We managed our project communication inside a shared Trello board (same as I create for all of my clients) and it really helped streamline the content gathering, and design presentation and feedback process!

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: The Imperfect Boss already had an online following, but it was time to grow. The social movement now REALLY focuses heavily on the campaign participants and is more inclusive than ever. We were really mindful of who we were speaking to, and wanted a design that created excitement and participation by being fun, bold, and colorful...mixed with some super impactful copywriting!

Is there custom development? What about custom added CSS? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits?: Yes! We added quite a bit of custom CSS to The Imperfect Boss website to achieve the look we were going for. We utilized multi-section index pages with alternating background colors, and used custom CSS for many parts of the site. We feature a "back to top" button, a full-width Instagram feed (since the social movement takes place on Instagram, it only makes sense), code blocks for bright yellow highlighted text to call attention, custom background colors, custom Squarespace forms, custom Convertkit integrated forms, custom sponsor slideshow with a wider grid, and custom menu blocks designs for the online summit schedule. We also did a few mobile customizations for various sections so they read better on mobile.

What are the top three creative features you used in the design?:

1. The creative use of transparent PNGs for the Overlap Image Blocks

2. The custom code block in the footer that allows for overlapping the logo stamp on top of the Instagram feed

3. Custom Menu block designs for the online summit hourly schedule

Anything else you want us to know about the site?: I also designed an online content library page on The Imperfect Boss site where she can host all of the recordings and resources from this past online summit so users have access to the content forever. We also had password-protected portals for campaign Influencers, Encouragers, and Participants that thanked them for being a part of the campaign and had "next steps" as well as digital downloads, Instagram "grab n go" templates, Pinterest prompts, GIFs, and a playlist for participants to get pumped up! It houses everything they need to get involved with the campaign.

Vendors used?: Copywriting by Ashley Beaudin (The Imperfect Boss founder!):  and Headshot Photos of Ashley by Jessi Lauren

Designer: Janessa from Janessa Rae Design Creative

Client's Site: The Imperfect Boss