Sue Skrabek Photography

Sometimes as a designer I dread photographer's sites because it can be so important to achieve making their work stand out against a sea of "web things" that can be distracting. Jodi has perfectly created a gorgeous site for this family and newborn photographer that is sure to skyrocket her new business!



Client's Site Description: Newborn, child and family photographer

Template Chosen: Rally

Why did you choose that template?: Rally is my go to template for flexbility and power. The client really wanted full width image options on her Home page as well as a slideshow gallery banner and the Brine templates offer this capability. The use of index pages was integral to the design of this site. We were able to incorporate all of her brand colors as well with the different colored sections areas.

What was the Client's Objective?: To display her gorgeous photos and have an online portfolio of her work. She was looking for something that was completely customized to her liking and yet easy to update.

Tell us a bit about the design process?: She had tried to DIY her site and had chosen the Alex template. She hired me originally to modify her site slightly, but once I started on her site I could see that we would hit quite a few road blocks with the Alex template for what she was trying to accomplish. We ended up switching to the Brine template family as it was able to handle all the dreams she had for her site.

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: We were able to incorporate all of her muted pastel colors throughout the site and create custom buttons. The goal was to make her images the focal point since they are so incredible and have the design support it. Large scale, full width images were used to accomplish this.

Is there custom development? What about custom added CSS? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits?: There is a fair bit of custom CSS to tweak the small details to keep it on brand and to control the fine tuning of the layout. One of the main priorities of my client was that she wanted her slideshow gallery to appear the correct proportion on mobile like it shows on desktop. I was able to create a separate gallery customized for mobile cropping and show this gallery only on mobile devices. She was so thrilled with this adjustment!

What are the top three creative features you used in the design?: The full width images with parallax scrolling were a top priority to show off her beautiful images.

I used a wide variety of the Squarespace image blocks and customized them throughout the site, but in particular on the Info page to create an interesting services page that is completely on brand.

As mentioned previously, the creation of a mobile only slideshow gallery that prevents the images from being cropped excessively on smaller devices.

Anything else you want us to know about the site?:

Vendors used?: All images are taken by Sue Skrabek photography

Designer: Jodi Neufeld from Jodi Neufeld Design

Client's Site: Sue Skrabek Photography