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We take submissions from anyone who wants to contribute to the squarespace community. Members get priority access and priority scheduling of posts. Please consider joining us in the Squarespace Design Guild if you want to post often/frequently.

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Interview Questions
Example: Photogrpahy Portfolio, Food Blog, Design Porftolio, Professional Website, etc.
Besides your design studio, was there anyone else involved in the final site? Photographers, copyrighters, etc. Please link to their site so we can give them attribution
If there are specific images you want us to use, please include a link to the dropbox/google drive photos here. Make sure they are public or have been given access to hello@megsummerfield.com | If nothing is submitted we will take screenshots and decide this ourselves.
By submitting this post, you are allowing all parties at www.squaredesignguild.com to post and use screenshots of the site you created for your client. Please be sure that you have contractual rights to use the work for promotional uses, and if not that you have written permission for us to do so. By submitting this, you are agreeing that you have one of the two options set and complete, and that you are the liable party as you have submitted and agreed to the policy stated here.


If you have questions or want to submit to one of the coming soon topics please email us at admin@squaredesignguild.com. We are happy to answer any questions!