Square Template Workshop

Your guide to design, prep and sell your Squarespace templates. 

In this course, we are going to bring you through four module to walk through the options on how to create a great template, and sell your designs. Templates don’t have to be just one thing, we are going to teach and show you different methods to fit your design studio. Join us to strategize how to bring these design options into your process.


Mark Your Calendars For Our Square Template Workshop

Four Week Course - Three Live Zoom Calls Oct 15th-Nov 5th



Live Zoom Calls: Oct 15th, Oct 22nd, Nov 5th - Noon Eastern Standard.

Add On One:one strategy sessions Will Happen During Week ofOct 28th


 Let’s Learn About Premades,

Templates and ReStyled Templates!

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Here are the juicy details of what we will cover in our four modules.



Module 1:

What are the Methods? What are the Deliverables

live session: Intro, 101 of Template Kinds and Differences & Similarities

pdf topics: Kinds of Templates, Template Deliverable Checklists

bonus materials: Video walkthrough of the back end of each template type. Pricing table for each template type, so you don’t undersell or over-sell and hurt the value of your custom work.


Module 2:How to Design for Templates. How to Design for Teaching/Training

live session: Designing with teaching in mind.

pdf topics: Template Testers 101, Teaching Design Methods and Organizing Your CSS

bonus materials: Backend preview of a template and the design organization.


Module 3:

Planning Your Sales Process and Showcasing Designs

live session: — NO live session this week one/ones for some students

pdf topics: Sales Pages for Template Types, FAQs for Customers and Process for Files/Access for each Template Type. Checklist/Flowchart for each template style delivery.

bonus materials: Step by Step Checklist for Install with Resources

Module three includes the upgrade option to have a one/one strategy session with Meg Summerfield. Discuss what sales strategy fits your design best, and how to implement for your schedule, team and process. Sessions are 45 minutes long, and include the recorded video of your live session in zoom sent to you.

Module 4:

How to Train Clients/Customers and Sales/Help Communications + The Nitty Gritty of Template Sales

live session: Method for Training Clients, Customer Service and Last Class FAQs

pdf topics: Recording Tips and Tricks, Example Backend Walkthrough of Videos/Process, Checklists for Training Videos.

bonus materials: Setting up Responsive Emails Templates/Swipe Files for your templates.


 Let’s Learn About Premades,

Templates and ReStyled Templates!

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Who this Course Is For:

  • Those looking to add other design methods outside of 1:1 custom work for their Squarespace clients.

  • If you aren’t sure where to start on selling templates or what’s involved.

  • If you aren’t sure DIY 100% templates are for you, and want to learn about other methods for selling templates.



Who this course is NOT for:

  • Those looking for specific 1:1 design advice for your template design or code.

  • Those looking for marketing strategies for your template designs.

  • Those looking for an easy out to “passive” income. Digital products, especially ones where you are creating an entire platform, with instructions on how to create a home-base for someone’s business is HARD work. We will help you get the structure, and the right process, but it is by no means -easier work, just different than custom client work.


 What we will cover in this course:

How to Introduce Templates
into Your Business

How to Choose the
Template Style for YOU

What each of the 3 methods entail, from sales and design.

Checklists to make sure you don’t miss anything along the way.

How to teach clients to implement or learn about their new design

Add-on strategy session with Meg Summerfield available!

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 I’m Ready to Get My Template Organized to Sell!

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 Enrollment is Currently CLOSED.

If you would like to be notified if we run this workshop again, please fill out the form below.


 FAQS for the Course:

Will this course show me how to design a template?

This answer is a yes and a no. We will give you guidance on how to design a template in a way that is easy for your customers to duplicate in instruction, but not giving any design advice.

How much time do we get in the 1:1 and what can we talk about?

We can talk about anything except specifics on how to code something. I can give design, strategy and sales advice, we can walk through an install process or back end hosting questions, but we save 1:1 css feedback for our Mastermind Intensive.

What should we expect each week?

Each week, we have a packet of information, which includes PDF articles with embedded video about the topic each week, PLUS a bonus section of content each week, which we will give you an insider perspective or insight into the template sales and design process. On top of the weekly content we will be sending out, we also will meet for our live session at Noon EST on Tuesdays of week one, two and four. These live zoom sessions are 1-1.5hrs long. We have about 45 minutes set of lecture/discussion and then the rest will be q+a for that topic. Each session is recorded so you can go back and watch.

What time would we meet for the 1:1s?

For those who upgrade to the 1:1 sessions, you will receive an email to schedule your one on one during the third week in the course. Just like the live sessions, you will receive a link to the recorded session, and it will stay up for 30 days after the course is over so you can decide whether to write down notes, or download the video for safe-keeping.

Can I save the live sessions to watch later, will you keep the videos up?

We will leave the live discussions up for 30 days after the course, which gives you ample time to download the file. Each video file has a separate chat box which you can also save for the future.

How do I know if designing a template is for me?

There are so many reasons to design a template for your business, and three different ways we will teach you to use them. There is a way to fit in templates in all sorts of forms to any kind of web design business, especially if you are looking to branch out a bit from your usual.

How much time does this course take?

During this course we will have our three one:ones, and about 2-3 pdf articles with videos and resources. We would suggest dedicating about 3-4 hrs total per week to the course to go through all information, and be active in the live zoom calls.

When will this course be offered again?

Not at least until mid-2020, we highly suggest you sign up for our fall 2019 session if you want to take advantage of the quiet season of the holidays so you can prep and launch before the new year!

How is this different from designing a template in the SSDG Mastermind?

In mastermind our focus is design, and execution of the design. We work together through a design process, in order to go from strategy-to mockups- to full implentation of the design ideas in your creative brain. Here in our course, we are discussing everything ELSE that you need to add templates into your studio/business. We do discuss design - but on a 10,000 foot level, how to strategize good design for templates, not HOW to design or how to code, etc. If you are looking for design and implementation help for your ideas we highly suggest Mastermind!

Template Design for Squarespace

Enrollment Dates:

Enrollment starts Monday Sept 30th and ends on Friday Oct 11th at Midnight. For those who sign up after the delivery of the first module (between Tuesday Oct 8th and Friday Oct 11th, you will receive your first module via email within 48 hrs of signing up.

Content Delivery 

When you Sign up Today - you will receive a welcome PDF, in that PDF you will find info about the dates/times plus link to the Zoom Calls. For those signing up for the additional strategy session, you will also see a PDF with instructions to schedule your one:one session in Acuity.

All course content, pdfs etc will all
be delivered a week to module prior via email.

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