The Cecily Classic Template - DIY Edition

The Cecily Classic Template - DIY Edition


Our classic cecily template - for bloggers and service/gallery based who want a really detailed and yet minimal site. Think modern marble kitchen in a farmhouse with shiplap mudroom for style - mixed with a classic and modern business ready for your content.

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Pages Included in the Cecily Classic Template:

  • Homepage

  • Gallery

  • Blog + Blog Page Layout

  • About

  • Contact

Note: This template does not come with a sidebar for the blog as it is based in the Brine Family of templates. We suggest using THIS plugin! It’s easy to use and adjust for beginners :)

The Cecily Template Kit Includes:

  • Video and digital instructions to implement and design the site.

  • Custom CSS to make your site different an interesting - including easy to edit CSS to customize your site.

  • All the instruction you need to create the pages listed above.

License: This is a one time use template not to be re-used. Please see the business template for an extended license and more info for designers. Please read our licenses HERE

-The personal license only allows any and all design elements to be used ONCE, for personal use only. All designers are required to purchase the business license.

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FAQs for Templates (DIY Edition)

Do Images Come with the Kit:

No, images, logos or graphics don’t come with the site - If you want to see an example of a site using the template with different images click HERE.

Can I use this template more than once?

Not with this license, for designers who want to reuse the design in any way please see our business license.

What software do I need for this?

Our templates use ZERO design elements that you will need a layout creator for. It is 100% Squarespace and CSS based. We use a logo in the header, home page and footer, but offer alternate solutions for those with logos/icons.

What Kind of Squarespace Template Do I Need?

The personal plan is fine with this template! We have not included any code/scripts that would require you to go up to a business/ecommerce plan, but we highly suggest looking at the Pricing Options on Squarespace to understand your options better.

Can I add other pages to this template?

Yes! You will have the access to any Squarespace features, blocks, etc. This is purely a guide to help you get set up and get your site looking a specific way. What we love about Squarespace is that it allows you to take your business from step a to z without necessarily needing to upgrade. So you can use the platform to its fullest with this design.

How long will it take me to diy my site?

It will depend if your content is ready and how much customization you want to add in. If you have your photos, blog posts and copy ready to go, it can take a few hours, and we all know the creative process can take a bit more if you want to try things out.

What if I want to change the colors?

We walk you through all the color and font changes that we apply to the site in the DIY kit, including any that are within the CSS code. So changing out colors is an easy thing to do! In a few cases it will require some CSS, but we will walk you through every detail :)