Biz License FAQs and Troubleshooting

To answer a few FAQs about the Extended License (see here) which comes with the Business Cecily Template, as well as a few troubleshooting FAQs for the bonuses.

Can I use this with clients?

Yes, as long as you are doing a custom project with your clients, meaning you are working one-one with the client to work with them, then this is yours to use. It also means you could use parts of the design with clients, aka: the footer or the index gallery on the homepage.

Who can’t I use this with for clients?

This is not for anything where clients are booking/buying/purchasing this design. It means you must implement the design, vs. them, as well as this cannot be a template ‘restyle’ or adding in the content to this design as part of the process. We ask that you are working with someone in a custom-design process method.

What If I’m Unsure?

Email us - send us a note - I promise we are friendly. We can help navigate these waters for you, the idea is that you are using this to up your design game, and be able to use this design in your business with clients. But if you unsure, then it’s probably good to ask!

What is Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is a web and prototype software in the Adobe CC suite. We love it and use it with all our web design clients - even mini sites, even template designs. If you haven’t used it before - think of it as a cross between illustrator (with artboards) and indesign with only a FRACTION of the design settings. There are some great plugins, and ways to use XD with a developer. We highly recommend looking into using it if you already have Adobe CC. It is similar to Sketch - definitely not a replacement of sketch, but most people already have access to XD and don’t even realize it.

How to upload the JSON file?

Check out the video on the JSON styling post for more info here. If you are not in SS Circle, then you can get access to this feature by using the plugin Pro.

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