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Spring Mockup Workshop


We are brining back the mockup workshop! 

On May 7th we will be doing our mockup illustrator file from start to finish in one day (we will be doing a 4 page website in BRINE) see the mockup of the site we will be designing.

A week before the mockup we will be sending out login credentials to everyone for the workshop, as well as the ability to send in questions and look over the mockup files! Then after the workshop everyone will be sent a recording of the workshop for the day, and any CSS that is used. If we use any plugins we will link to them, but they will not be included.

All deliverables:

- FULL Illustrator mockup of site in Brine Template
- FULL live workshop of implementing the mockup in SS with question and answer as we go. 
- Recorded video of live session delivered after the workshop (so you don't HAVE to be there live).
- Any CSS we write live during the session or any scripts we write during the session. 
- List of any plugins, resources etc, used during the session in a PDF.

We are capping this at 20 students max! 

Register for the workshop!


Spring Mockup Workshop 2018

$225 for a full day of designing!

- full illustrator file (with images)
- full css and any code used during session
- export of styles from style editor after
- video replay download available

Join us for this limited student course on May 8th 2018. Where we will be designing live.