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The Summer Mastermind for Designers


-- Walk through a site design process using Meg Summerfield's Mockup Process.
-- Each step we walk through the process, tips and tricks before our next stage.
-- Each week you upload your design for critique and response from your mastermind group
-- Each week you get a fully critiqued recording from Meg Summerfield to apply to your next step.

Module 1Introduction and PrepJuly 10th
Module 2Sitemap and Strategy Design DocumentJuly 17th
Module 3Draft 1 of MockupJuly 24th
Module 4Draft 2 of MockupJuly 31st
Module 5Site Design Part 1August 7th
Module 6Site Design Part 2August 14th
Module 7Wrap up and LaunchAugust 21st

--> Price $485 or two payments of $275 

Max of 12 students

(live chats will take place each Tuesday at 12noon EST - so that we can fit in the most time zones as possible - we know it doesn't work for everyone, so sorry!)

The low down:

The goal. The goal of the workshop is for you to be able to develop a signature site as an example for your portfolio or to use as a template design within your business. This site will have a full example client and strategy, the same way a client site would. We encourage students to choose their ideal client for this workshop so that they have the chance to showcase their creative abilities, and have a great addition to their portfolio after the project.

The group. The mastermind will be set with a max of 12 students in the group, so that there's a small group focus within your class setting. Each mastermind group will have their own full slack channel and the ability to upload your content and discussions each week within the slack channel. Our hope, is that not only does the group succeed in creating a great atmosphere and small discussion group for our six weeks, but more importantly that after, you have an incredible group of individuals that you trust and know for future support and friendship. 

The deliverables. Each week, you will receive a PDF and video that goes over the tasks of the week, as well as inspiration, and resources for your journey through the design process. After each group meeting (if you have to miss it's ok) you will also receive written feedback and support from Meg Summerfield. There we will go through and give feedback to your process and design, so that you can take it and make it even better for the next class. Through the process you will receive 6 weeks of PDF/Video content as well as 5 written responses from Meg about your own content. In addition you will receive your classmates feedback in the slack forum. 

The homework. For each week, you will be tasked in prepping the next stage in the process for the site design. As you see above, we will be prepping the site design, doing a full mockup stage + revision and build within that time period, so it's not a small amount of work. 

The Live Session. For each live mastermind session we will go over the pitfalls and issues with each stage in the process, as well as reveal the work/homework you have prepped for the session. You are not required to share for the group sessions, but we hope that you do for some great live feedback. This is your chance to really dig into process discussions with your peers, as well as with Meg in order to craft a design process and site that reflects your creativity and business prowess.



What if Tuesdays don't work for me?

- If Tuesdays at 12pm EST don't work for you, then this might not be the right time and place to participate in this workshop. If you are looking for more 1:1 time and support - head on over to Meg's Personal Site Shop to work with Meg.

What if I have a client site I want to work on during the project?

- Totally fine! We encourage you to make this experience as real as possible, so if you want to work on a client project as part of this, please do!

What if I am not sure about sharing my work with the class?

- That is fine! We understand not everyone will want to share publicly, either in the mastermind group sessions or in the slack group, but we do hope that you help out your fellow peers and students.

Do I have to be a designer for this group?

- Yes and no. We encourage those who are hoping to make the transition to designer to sign up, no need to have a business in place already - but know that the focus will be on creating not just a great design, but a great client experience of the design process. 

Do I have to be a graphic designer to join, or can I just be a web designer?

- I consider these two fields merging pretty darn quickly these days, this course is going to be perfect for those looking to up their design in their websites, or figure out the best process to showcase their designs in web. So either way, we will be working within both fields, bringing design, web strategy and client process together.

What's the process to sign up?

Once you apply for a spot you will receive your welcome PDF with your whole packet of info about the program, when you apply you can choose in a dropdown whether you prefer to pay in full or in two payments. The second payment will be due in 30 days from your first invoice. In there you will find links to our zoom webchat, and a little intro about each topic plus the work for each, and then your link to a slack channel and a dropbox for each student. Within 1-2 business days of your application you will receive your invoice from us, where you will see your payment choice - either full or in two parts with options to pay via Stripe (card), ACH or Paypal. Your invoice (full or part 1) will be due within 48 hours of receiving the invoice in your inbox, or we will open your spot for the mastermind back up to the public. So again, to reiterate:

1. Sign up/Apply HERE on the product page. Make sure to check either pay in full or in two payments while applying for your spot.

2. Receive your welcome PDF with all your info/prep for the program.

3. Receive your Invoice via email (we will send it based on your preference in the app for full or two parts)

4. Your invoice will be due within 48 hours to save your spot. Otherwise we will open your spot back up to the public.

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