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Out of Office: July 1st - July 8th.


Before you send an email, check out our FAQs:

How do you add images to your dropdown menu?

Check out our mega menu mini-course! We teach you how to do this :)

Do you do advertising?

No, we don’t do any advertising currently.

Will you post our resource on the resource page?

Maybe - you can send us a request - just know we only post items we have used and reviewed ourselves, so we might ask you for access to test out and try your resource before we recommend it to others.

Again - another course we teach since it’s requested so often - it also teaches how to do a full width instagram footer ;) Check it out here.

Where did the directory go? Can I sign up?

Unfortunately, the directory has been phased out. We love our community however and are not changing the slack channel. Want to join our slack channel? Check it out here.

Will Mastermind Open Again Soon?

Our mastermind is open for summer from June 26- July 15th or until full (12 students). After that we will have a fall sign up for winter at the least so sign up to be notified with our newsletter.

You have a sidebar on your Brine Blog!? How?

We love SqspThemes and their plugins, we highly suggest their sidebar plugin, and all their others. It’s easy to implement :)

Check your email - the digital product or access to a course comes with the email. It only works for 24 hrs. Please note that we don’t access our email daily - so it might be a day or two before we can resend you your confirm email with the access.

What if I want a refund on a product?

Unfortunately our policy is to give no refunds. We apologize, however we do spend a lot of time explaining the level for CSS knowledge and any restrictions to any courses. Because all of our products are digital and sent automatically we cannot provide a refund.